Provely 2.0 Review (Mark Thompson): #1 New Acclaimed Social Proof Toolkit?

Hey, it’s Edward here and welcome to my Provely 2.0 review!

It’s been over 5 years since they released this industry-leading social proof toolkit to the public… but now they are BACK (and it’s better than ever before).

Basically, Provely 2.0 is a brand new software just launched on March 21th, 2022 by the founder of PayKickstart marketplace – Mark Thompson.

The cool thing is, Provely 2.0 could choose from 13 different notification types to increase engagement and conversions with psychological triggers.

Sound good? Okay, let’s jump into my Provely 2.0 review to see if it’s good enough to make a buying decision!


#1. Provely 2.0 review: What is it?

Provely 2.0 is the new software that instantly skyrockets sales and signups by adding real-time social proof, scarcity, urgency, and credibility to your website.

However, in the new 2.0, you gain access to 13 notification types, including: Live Conversions, Low Stock, Urgency, Timer, Review/Rating, Live Visitor, In-Line Text, Announcement, Callback, Social, Coupon, Video, and Opt-In.

With a powerful combination of native integrations and “smart” A.I. technology, you can integrate with virtually any 3rd party platform, tool or app you currently use.

  • Ecommerce platforms like PayKickstart, Shopify and more.
  • Page Builders like ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Wix and others.
  • CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and others.
  • Membership Platforms like Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific and more.
  • Email Automation tools like ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, MailChimp and more.

Plus, developers can leverage the API and webhooks to do anything custom they want.

You’ll also want to check out their killer “Streams” feature (new to v2), which allows you to mix and match a combination of all 13 different notification types – creating the ultimate social proof experience.

Here’s the main dashboard of Provely 2.0 and I’m an “early access” user! 👌

provely 2.0 review dashboard

#2. Who’s the creator of Provely 2.0?


Well, We all know Mark Thompson is a vendor of Provely 2.0. Mark Thompson is an entrepreneur, JV marketing expert and CEO of PayKickstart. He has created many awesome pieces of software.

Like many other would-be entrepreneurs, Mark was introduced to the power and opportunities offered through the internet in a previous job where he had the responsibility of managing all online marketing through Google Adwords.

After leaving the world of 9-5 and looking to make his own mark on the internet business world, Mark knew software was where he wanted to be. The only thing was, Mark had no idea how to code or create his own software. After teaming up with the right people, Mark eventually had a seamless formula in place for creating, selling, and marketing software as a solution online.

To scale his business to the next level, Mark knew he had to reach massive audiences, but without the right funding in place, this simply wasn’t possible. It was through JV partnerships that Mark was able to establish and grow his company into what it is today.

Mark has created several products such as Easy VSL 3.0, List Eruption, Authority Pro, Keyword Organizer, Long Tail Pro, SocialKickstart, etc.

He has launched Provely the first version in September 2017. This time he has come up with a new Provely 2.0 that comes with brand new features and updates.

Okay now, let’s scroll down and continue to read my Provely 2.0 review for more details about this product!

#3. Provely 2.0 review: Key features & benefits

Here are some key features of Provely 2.0 you will be getting:

1/ Live Conversions:

Display recently acquired leads and sales to your website visitors, to help build trust, credibility, and urgency.

  • Increase free trial sign-ups
  • Generate more opt-ins & leads
  • Boost webinar registrants
  • Skyrocket sales and revenue

2/ Low Stock

Help turn fence-sitters into customers by displaying your inventory remaining in real-time.

  • Create instant scarcity
  • Syncs in real-time with your cart’s inventory
  • skyrocket conversions and revenue

3/ Urgency

Give your visitors a reason to take action now, rather than waiting.

  • Increase the average cart value
  • Create scarcity to buy now
  • Skyrocket sales and revenue

4/ Timer

Display a countdown timer for time-sensitive offers and upcoming events.

  • Increase sign-ups and sales
  • Build a bigger email list
  • Boost webinar registrants
  • Create urgency

5/ Reviews / Ratings

Display recent customer reviews and ratings from leading social media and review sites.

  • Build social proof and trust
  • Reviews update automatically
  • Boost webinar registrants
  • 10 sources to pull reviews from

6/ Live Visitors

Display recent website visitors that will build momentum and excitement – leading to more conversions.

  • Build credibility, trust, and authority
  • Create urgency and
  • FOMOBoost lead and sale conversions

7/ In-Line Text

Add scarcity, social proof, and more, anywhere on your page.

  • Generate more bookings, sign-ups, and trials
  • Increase the average cart valueEasy visibility for a visitor
  • Create instant urgency

8/ Announcement

Showcase an important update, upcoming event, featured product, promotion, and more.

  • Generate traffic to key products or pages
  • Create buzz and excitement
  • Generate more leads, sales, and revenue

9/ Callback

Generate more leads and book appointments by capturing visitors’ phone information.

  • Fill your sales pipeline
  • Generate higher paying customers
  • Build better rapport with direct communication
  • Close more deals with ready-to-buy prospects

10/ Social

Build your social presence and following by encouraging your visitors to engage with your social channels.

  • Build a massive following on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, TikTok and other social media sites
  • Build brand loyalty and trust
  • Create a new traffic channel
  • Deliver better rapport and customer service

11/ Coupon

Display customized coupon/promotional codes for customers to apply at checkout.

  • Turn fence-sitters, into buyers and loyal customers
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Great for holiday sales and special offers
  • Create word-of-mouth

12/ Video

Display a video including tutorials, demos, sales videos, and more.

  • Increase free trial sign-ups
  • Generate more opt-ins & leads
  • Boost webinar registrants
  • Skyrocket sales and revenue

13/ Optin

Capture visitors’ contact details to increase your email list and build rapport with prospects and customers.

  • Generate more newsletter sign-ups
  • Boost webinar registrants
  • Build trust and rapport

Now, Let’s move to the next section of this Provely 2.0 review to see how to use this incredible product.

#4. How Provely 2.0 works & FULL demos!

After you purchase Provely 2.0, you will get your login details via email, then simply use that info to log into the main dashboard of Provely 2.0 and be able to grow your Instagram business easier than ever.

Now, follow my Provely 2.0 review and I’m going to show you more about this product. Let’s go!

How To Use Provely 2.0

All you need to do is just 4 simple steps below:

STEP #1: Select your notification type (now there are 13 types to pick from).

STEP #2: Customize your settings (layout, design/colors, text, call-to-action, integration).

STEP #3: Add a little snippet of code to your page or site.

STEP #4: Start displaying an eye-popping notification that creates instant social proof, while encouraging others to follow along and do the same.

Provely 2.0 Full Walkthrough & Demos

If you’re still confused about how to use Provely 2.0, you can watch the Provely 2.0 demo video below for more details!

#5. Why should you buy Provely 2.0?

Let’s me explain, all by adding a simple line of code to our site.

  • Before, there was only one notification style.

However, in the new Provely 2.0 (unlike the old Provely), we gain access to 13 notification types, including…

  • Live Conversions,
  • Low Stock,
  • Urgency,
  • Timer,
  • Review/Rating,
  • Live Visitor,
  • In-Line Text,
  • Announcement,
  • Callback,
  • Social,
  • Coupon,
  • Video,
  • and Opt-In.

With a powerful combination of native integrations and “smart” A.I. technology, we can integrate with virtually any 3rd party platform, tool or app we currently use.

We’ll also want to check out their killer “Streams” feature (new in this v2), which allows us to mix and match a combination of all 13 different notification types – creating the ultimate social proof experience.


#6. Provely 2.0 review: Pros & Cons

Provely 2.0 Pros:

  • Newbie Friendly – Very easy-to-use interface.
  • 13 Social-Proof Notification Types.
  • “Stream” Feature for a Mix-and-Match Experience.
  • Pull in Reviews from Sites like Facebook, Capterra, and Google.
  • Add Urgency with Real-Time Inventory Monitoring.
  • Display Proof In a Widget or In-Line Text.
  • Simply Point-and-Click Setup + Embed.
  • 100s of Integrations.
  • Unlimited Monthly Unique Visitors.
  • Create an Unlimited Number of Widgets.
  • 14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Provely 2.0 Cons:

  • Once the launch ends on March 25th, the price will be increased.
  • At the moment, I am yet to find a downside with this. Everything about Provely 2.0 is simply awesome.

#7. Provely 2.0 review: OTOs, Upsells & Pricing

Provely 2.0 Coupon:50off” for $50 OFF for the Ultimate Plan only!

Provely 2.0 goes live on March 22nd, 2022 @ 11am EST.

FRONT END: Provely 2.0 App ($47 | $97 | $197)

BASIC ($47 USD 1-Time Payment)

  • 1 Domain
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Unlimited Notifications

PRO ($97 USD 1-Time Payment)

  • 5 Domains
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Unlimited Notifications

ULTIMATE ($197 USD 1-Time Payment)

Use Coupon: “50off” to get $50 OFF, the price will be only $147!

  • Unlimited Domain
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Unlimited Widgets
  • 13 Notification Types
  • Notification Streams
  • Top Priority Support


About OTO’s & Upsells

  • OTO 1: Provely Branding Removed ($17 – $27/month)
  • OTO 2: HeatMapTracker ($197)
  • OTO 3: Traffic & Lead Masterclass ($97)

Okay so, keep reading my Provely 2.0 review to see who Provely 2.0 is perfect for!

#8. Who is Provely 2.0 perfect for?

Provely 2.0 is the easiest, fastest way to increase sales and conversions… by creating a sense of urgency and using social proof. Provely 2.0 works best for:

  • CMS (Service-based companies)
  • eCommerce
  • Bloggers
  • Developers
  • And everyone who wants to increase conversions on their website!

#9. Provely 2.0 review: FAQs

How exactly does Provely boost trust, opt-ins and sales?

Provely leverages a psychological trigger called “the fear of missing out” or better known as “FOMO”. Provely notifications were designed to inject social proof, urgency, and credibility to help boost trust, leads, and sales. Read on in my Provely 2.0 review to see more!

Do I need to know how to code to use Provely?

No. Provely was built for even those who have no tech knowledge. All you need to do is follow the simple wizard to create your widget. Then paste the code that we provide to you on your website.

Will Provely work on any type of website?

Yes. Provely works with any site, no matter what page builder you used or custom HTML that it was coded in. As long as you can paste the Provely code onto the website, it will work.

What types of businesses should use Provely?

Provely works with ANY niche market. E-Commerce, Software and SaaS, Coaches, Marketing Agencies, Real-Estate businesses, Travel sites, Information Product Owners… you name it! Provely can increase conversions for any and all types of online businesses.

Will Provely impact my page load times?

No. Provely was developed with clean, lightweight code that will not slow down the speed of your website.

How many sites can I use Provely on?

This varies depending on the plan that you choose. With our most popular Ultimate Plan, you can use Provely on an UNLIMITED number of sites.

Is there a visitor limit?

No. You can use Provely 2.0 for an unlimited number of visitors to your site(s).

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Provely 2.0 has a 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee in the rare case that you are not pleased with your purchase.

#10. Provely 2.0 review: Final Verdict

Okay, in our business, there is nothing worse than plunging loads of your time and money into a low-converting landing page or offer. But what if you could do this to your conversions…

That’s exactly what Provely 2.0 was designed to do!

With Provely 2.0, I already take these under or average-performing pages/offers and send conversion to the moon. So I highly recommend this unfair advantage software, because I haven’t seen any app that can live our conversion notifications up & run in just 60 seconds.

We also have to hurry up, ‘cause after the charter special expires (Friday, Midnight PST) – the price is going to jump, as well as have restrictions on widgets, sites, and visitors.

And don’t forget you also have a 14-day money-back guarantee, it is worth giving it a try – your purchase is 100% risk-free.

If you have any other questions, please drop your messages in the comment section below. Thanks for reading my Provely 2.0 review!

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