NFT’s Cracked Review (DPAPA): Is It Worth Buying or NOT?

Hey, it’s Edward here and welcome to my NFT’s Cracked review!

Basically, NFT’s Cracked is a brand new video training course just launched on Feb 28th, 2022 by Demetris Papadopoulos (Mr. DPAPA).

This is a step by step training on how to generate money by flipping or holding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s).

Inside Demetris uses a quick 3 step strategy into uncovering and discovering Rare Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) at low prices, as low as $11 who was able to flip for over $3,000 by selling his NFT’s in the secondary markets.

Everything is revealed inside this step-by-step training based on real results. Sounds interesting?

Okay now, let’s dive into my NFT’s Cracked review to see how it all works and all information about this product!


#1. NFT’s Cracked review: What is it?

This is the best easiest strategy that anyone can get started with NFT’s through this method I have discovered and used in the past 12 months, battle testing it. There is nothing else out there that explains how to get started with NFT’s easily. It’s made for the newbie to get their feet wet, but the rewards are higher than the risks.

NFT’s Cracked is a step-by-step over-the-shoulder training, covering everything you need to be doing to set up your first NFT Flipping campaign. There are two ways of making money with NFT’s.

#1 is passive income, and #2 is easy quick flipping generating over 4 figures in profits, selling Rare affordable NFTs, which in turn you get airdropped free NFT’s which you can then flip for maximum PROFITS.

In NFT’s Cracked, Demetris shows you how to work with the Solana Network, and the Upsells will help you expand to other marketplaces covering the ETH Blockchain, and Opensea, to generate even higher profit margins.

Inside NFT’s Cracked, he also shows you how to use FREE tools at your disposal for maximum results. This will save you time, spy, and launch flipping campaigns for maximum ROI.

Never get scammed again, through his own personal experiences and he will be covering this topic with real live examples, and other tips and hints you should be aware of.

With NFT’s Cracked, anyone of any age & sex, can get started easily with NFT’s and also allows anyone who is new, or with a minimum budget to get started easily. This method is proven to work and is easy and fun at the same time.

Here’s the main dashboard of NFT’s Cracked and I’m an “early access” user! 👌


#2. Who’s the creator of NFT’s Cracked?


Demetris Papadopoulos aka ‘DPAPA’ is the creator of NFT’s Cracked.

He is a very well-known vendor and affiliate marketer on the WarriorPlus platform. Here’re some previous successful launches from him: TubeMatic (2k+ sales), PinBnk (1k+ sales), Bing Bang Profits (1k+ sales), Trafficzion (2k+ sales), and many more.

And the best part is, all of his products are NEW & UNIQUE, giving REAL results to the users.

So, I’m sure that NFT’s Cracked will be another amazing product in the market!

#3. NFT’s Cracked review: What’s inside?

Here’s what inside NFT’s Cracked:

Inclusion #1: Step By Step Blueprint To Flipping NFT’s To Profits


NFT’s Cracked is based on DPAPA’s real results with flipping NFT’s and holding NFT’s for passive income. He has a 3-step strategy he uses where he rinses and repeats and his rewards are high when my collections go up.

Learn how he uncovers winning collections and how he finds cheaper mints or free mints for maximum ROI.

Inclusion #2: Discover Top Upcoming NFT Collections


Use the training and the free software to discover which next NFT you should get into. We will be scraping the next top collection using the free tools included inside NFT’s Cracked.

Inclusion #3: Software to uncover RARE NFT’s for the Lowest Price


Gain valuable insights into your competition with the ability to view a list of NFT’s based on rank. Many NFT’s are out there which have attributes that are very rare, however the owner of these NFT’s aren’t aware.

See how you can uncover and pull them from under them instantly owning them into your wallet.

Inclusion #4: NFT’s Cracked Premium Training Academy

Get bonus access to DPAPA’s exact blueprint to making sales through this simple strategy taught inside NFT’s Cracked.

This is a beginner-friendly training course consisting of over-the-shoulder videos, designed to get you started as a total newbie in this Crypto Driven NFT space.

All training is over the shoulder, take you by the hand, making it really stupid easy for anyone to get started today!

The course is covered in 10+ Training Videos:

  • NFTs Cracked Overview
  • Proof of Results
  • Wallets & Funding
  • NFT Secondary Marketplaces
  • NFT Research + Social
  • No FOMO
  • Phase 1: Finding The Next Big Drop for High Profits
  • Phase 2: Finding Rare NFTs after Mint At Low Costs
  • Quick Profits Method
  • Real Case Studies
  • Avoid Getting Scammed
  • And More.

Okay now, let’s scroll down and read my NFT’s Cracked review to see how it all works!

#4. How NFT’s Cracked works & LIVE Demos!

There’s no guesswork because DPAPA’s strategy will help you do this for yourself following the 3 simple steps taught inside:

STEP #1: Instantly find the next top NFT collection for as low as ZERO dollars spent, or as low as 0.1 solanas ($11).

STEP #2: How to Properly Set Up and Sell Your NFT’s for profits.

STEP #3: How to Turn 1 NFT into a Passive income Stream.

This works great for anyone wanting to learn how to get started with NFT’s. It’s the ultimate proven step-by-step guide and coaching to help you achieve results at last with NFT’s.

NFT’s Cracked Full Walkthrough & Demos

If you’re still confused about how to use NFT’s Cracked, you can watch the NFT’s Cracked demo video below for more details!

#5. Why should you invest in NFT’s Cracked?

Firstly, I want you to read the story about how NFT’s Cracked was created to understand more about this training course:

“Back in August 31st, 2021 (about 7 months ago), I started my journey into the NFT space. During that time, I opened up a door to a universe that reminded me of the time when I discovered Affiliate Marketing. 👌

I got excited because it was something new, and I walked in that space, through a course I got access to back then, which kinda opened up my eyes a bit about this space. The course itself was a little basic. Left me wanting to learn more, and so I started that journey into learning. What I like to do, is always get the information, then I start creating my own strategies that fit my needs. Not someone else’s… but mine.

How will I pursue this method to make it profitable for me without having to depend on someone else’s strategy? I love making my own strategies, as this makes it always unique, and also makes me an authority in this space if it works.

So, I started to test things out. I started testing various methods I was learning, but I also mix and matched many of these methods to create my method of finding RARE NFT images, at low costs, we are talking $11 low costs, that could make someone earn $3,000 from just one Image you post and sell on the secondary marketplaces.

During this time, I was SCAMMED as well. I made some silly mistakes, and I learned from my mistakes and became better at them. I really loved the Solana network as it was such a profitable network since the GAS fees there are minimal.. a few dollars, and not hundreds, as the ETH Marketplaces (i.e OpenSea, etc.)

Not only was it affordable, but it was way too much fun, going around using my own blueprint finding projects and collections that could bring me riches. 😎

So the first 3 months, I was highly addicted… like seriously addicted to purchasing and purchasing, that my crypto wallet started to deplete… I had to stop. And I did. I actually avoided anything that had to do with NFT’s for a while. I’m talking maybe about 2 months. I avoided it as a plague or covid… now… because well… FOMO Rules this world *LOL* (Fear of missing out) is really huge in this space. And I had to stop myself… but guess what happened during that time of going through my withdrawals? I was making money! And I didn’t even know.

So the situation was, after buying so many collections, that about maybe 70% were worthless… as of now… the 30% suddenly became WORTH something! I’m talking $3k and up for each image I had. Interesting?

I remember minting that certain collection I purchased, for about 0.01 Solanas… they wanted to mint them for free… so I got a few.

Then I had another collection where I paid about $35 dollars to pick up a couple of images as well. All is good!

When I got scammed though and lost about 8 Solanas, the community gave back to me FREE NFT’s… and these free NFT’s turned out to be VALUABLE as the collections that I got these NFT’s from were successful!

Suddenly I had about 8 images or so… which I was able to flip each image no less than 10 Solanas, and 20 Solanas. The maximum amount I was able to sell an image was 20 Solanas (around $3,000 during December – January when Solana was at $200)… right now it’s around $100… but still I generated over $20k in profit from a mere few hundred I spent entirely on collections that are still worthless right now. But I’m not giving up, they could be something sometime later. Who knows. This space changes so fast, I’m ok with that.

So over $20k from flipping images, I purchased for about $11 or Free? Holy sh… this is bank! But also RISKY! But the rewards, are HUGE. 🤩

Now fast-forward today. I started posting some proof of results about my results on my personal wall. And started to see a lot of people engaging with my posts. Wanting to learn more… and I didn’t think that it was such a big deal. So I put a question out to my list, and they went crazy, telling me how they wanted me to create a course sharing my blueprint on the results I’ve had with NFT’s up until now.

I know what it means, for someone that hasn’t got the budget to get started. I know. That’s why I was able to put together, a course that will take you by the hand, and show you all the possible ways you can bank with NFT’s using the exact strategy I used to get the profitable NFT’s I had at hand.

I’m sharing everything, from how you find these NFT’s to how you purchase, how to mint, how to fund, how to not spend more than 11 bucks to earn $3,000. I show you all the tips the secrets, and I’ve put this all in a course where I have a funnel that is meaningful. 🔥

I created NFT’s Cracked to share with the world, how to get into the NFT space learn how to flip images for profit or hold for passive income.”

– Demetris Papadopoulos, Creator of NFT’s Cracked!

Take a look at some REAL results from the vendor:





#6. NFT’s Cracked review: Pros & Cons

NFT’s Cracked Pros:

  • High Converting NFT Collections & Images on 4 Specific, Newbie Friendly Marketplaces.
  • Zero Experience Needed – Anyone can get started, any age group, female or male.
  • 100% Beginner Friendly – It was created for the newbie in mind.
  • Step By Step Blueprint – Premium over the shoulder Video Training, Easy To Follow, Easy To Implement.
  • Free Software included – Free tools used, Nothing to pay to generate results.
  • 10k Case Study – Revealing my exact strategy to generating over 10k in profit from Free NFT’s.
  • Scam Bulletproof – Revealing how to avoid being scammed based on real experiences.
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

NFT’s Cracked Cons:

  • Once the launch ends on March 5th, the price will be increased.
  • At the moment, I am yet to find a downside with this. Everything about NFT’s Cracked is simply awesome.

#7. NFT’s Cracked review: OTOs, Upsells & Pricing

NFT’s Cracked Coupon: Updating…

NFT’s Cracked goes live on Feb 28th, 2022 @ 11am EST.

Front End: NFT’s Cracked ($27)

Inside, your users will be able to get access to training on how to how to utilize the power of discovering how to find rare NFT images, for free, that you can either hold for passive incomed or quickly sell for Maximum ROI.

I give you all the tools and exact blueprint to help you through your NFT Journey to Profits.

This will help anyone get started with NFT’s. Any sex or age can actually pull this off.

Inside the Main Training in NFT’s Cracked, you also get real case studies which brought me the results you see on my sales page.

I have spent $11 and generated over $3,000 in profit from just flipping rare NFT images. The rest of my profits was from FREE NFT’s I got and was able to resell for profits. I share everything inside.

Your users will be able to follow this campaign and replicate everything we have inside.

This is risk-free but also, rewarding and affordable for ANYONE to get started.


OTO1: NFT’s Cracked PRO ($37)

In NFT’s Cracked, I go over other marketplaces for 10x profits margins. I will be taking users by the hand and getting them acquainted with the ETH Blockchain and marketplaces which could bring in high rewards. This is for the investor, the risk-taker, the one that wants to actually succeed with NFT’s for the long run. The one that trusts the space and is excited about what the future lies.

In this training module users will learn all the free tools and software’s I’m using to uncover top performing collections, rare images and collections that could bring us a passive income.

Users will also be able to flip for huge profits as this market is so volatile, but also very rewarding.

I help users find methods to not spend high fees on gas fees. I show users how to get into projects that are affordable and could also be life-changing if they go well.

OTO2: NFTs Cracked INNER Circle ($97)

The NFTs Cracked Inner Circle Club is a closed community with access to handpicked NFT collections with high ROI, unique tips and strategies for NFT flipping, research tools for picking projects, and many other things! The contents are updated weekly, and monthly. You are going to want to be part of this special feature, as it will save you a lot of time and effort!

The NFTs Cracked Inner Circle is a closed community of top-tier investors who have exclusive access to the most lucrative NFT projects and ongoing education and support.

Members will receive tips, tricks, and strategies that have generated massive profits in the past, as well as a constantly updated list of the most promising NFT projects updated every month. With this invaluable information, you’ll be able to confidently invest in tomorrow’s hottest NFT Collections.

  • Weekly Q&A’s: Inside the private group I have for us you will be able to ask me questions and I’ll be able to provide you with answers to your issues or things you want to discuss in the NFTverse.
  • NFT Project Reviews: I’ll be covering collections that I’m finding based on the most popular NFT’s releasing soon.
  • NFT BUY and Sell Updates: I’ll be covering collections that I’m investing in and allowing you to do the same during the time I’m minting. So you’ll always be updated on what I’m doing.
  • Suggested Video Topics: Want me to create content for you? Please let me know the topic you want me to go through and I’ll create a video training on your choice that is related to the NFT space.
  • Launch Calendar (Weekly Updates): I’m providing you with a monthly calendar and update on which projects you need to be looking into.

All updated based on my insider tips from other paid groups I’m part of. So the information shared here is legit and could be life-changing for you.

Okay so, keep reading my NFT’s Cracked review to see who NFT’s Cracked is suitable for!

#8. Who is NFT’s Cracked suitable for?

Have you ever made money from flipping or holding NFTs? If the answer is NO, then NFT’s Cracked is perfect for you.

NFT’s Cracked Reveals the exact steps to quick flipping to profits and helps you generate a passive income and massive ROI with NFT’s.

Now anyone, any age group, female or male… can start seeing results within hours of logging in…

  • Without wasting a second on boring niche or campaign research
  • Without learning a single thing about creating NFT’s
  • Without BS or unproven theories
  • Without having to pay for any traffic, or recruit users

Because of this battle-tested and proven strategy to evergreen profits with NFT’s based on DPAPA’s personal results and methods, he has been using in the last 12 months.

#9. NFT’s Cracked review: FAQs

What is NFT’s Cracked in a nutshell?

This is a simple-to-follow beginners training into learning how to generate money with NFT’s. I take you by the hand and show you the exact steps that generated me a massive ROI from just flipping images that I have invested in or got for free.

I show you my exact method inside. Anyone who is new and wants to experience NFT’s this is the place.

What makes this different from other Crypto and NFT Courses Out there?

The information shared inside NFT’s Cracked is based solely on my own personal results (Demetris). I was able to follow a strategy over and over and one day it paid off for all the hard work I’ve put in and hard earned money I invested in to find the best method to generate money with NFT’s.

Everything taught inside is not based on theory but based on facts with proven results inside.

Do I need tech skills?

This is a very SIMPLE process so any beginner can be up and running with my training and system in no time.

Do I need a list of previous experiences to make this work?

No! You don’t need a list or experience. Just follow our crystal-clear steps for the initial setup and you’ll be up and running.

Are any other investments required?

Because the method inside teaches you the of the lowest-cost NFT marketplaces out there, you can get started with as little as $11… or even FREE if you’re lucky 😉

Will I be rich tomorrow?

Maybe? Depending on what rich means to you. You will definitely learn the art of NFT Flipping. You will lose money too. But you will definitely make it all back by just one sale of one successful NFT collection. The risks are high, but in my training, I show you how to avoid risks…

I show you how to save money. I show you how someone who only has a few dollars to spend can actually get started. As low as 11$ depending on the market. The market is volatile, prices go up and down. When I purchased an NFT at 0.33 SOL it was at about 75$ at the time, now it’s at $35. So it varies. But you will see results. And these results will be life-changing.

#10. NFT’s Cracked review: Final verdict

Do you want to turn $11 into $3,000 over and over again using a quick 3-step strategy? Inside this training, you will learn everything revealed based on real results.

I think this training can help you achieve your financial goals. Are you interested in learning more? Act now before it’s gone forever!

And don’t forget that you also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so your purchase is 100% risk-free!

Thanks for reading my NFT’s Cracked review, just leave a comment below if you have any questions!

NFT’s Cracked Exclusive Bonuses

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