Funnelz AI Review (Mintware): #1 AI Bot To Build Funnels?

Hey, it’s Edward here and welcome to my Funnelz AI review!

Basically, Funnelz AI is a new & world’s 1st AI bot for building funnels just launched on Dec 17th, 2021 by Madhav Dutta & Dr. Sameer Joshi (Mintware LLC).

You know, traditional lead generation methods like website contact and pop-up forms are dead.

If you still rely on them, you won’t be able to sustain a long time out there in the competition. Yes, the future of digital marketing is to create high-converting funnels.

And, is the only module to help you create funnels for any campaigns and start accessing huge engagements, leads, sales and profits.

In my Funnelz AI review, I will list out all the outstanding benefits and features this software will bring you. Now, let’s check what this product is first!


#1. Funnelz AI review: What is it? is the world’s first and only artificial intelligence powered bot to build high-converting, gorgeous funnels and pages with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology.

Just follow our proprietary bot-assisted funnel-building workflow, which will ask a few easy-to-answer questions.

Funnelz also has a powerful funnel simulator. Easily simulate how your funnel will convert before sending any traffic to it.

Tweak your funnels based on real traffic data and get even better results. And you can do all this in just a few clicks.

While there may be a lot of funnel builders out there, NOTHING like this exists in the market! Trust me!

Here’s the main dashboard of Funnelz AI and I’m an “early access” user! 👌

(Funnelz AI main dashboard)

#2. Who’s the creator of Funnelz AI?


Madhav Dutta and Dr. Sameer Joshi are the creators of Funnelz along with their team Mintware.

Both of them are professional online marketers and software developers. Here’s their solid track record of launching successful million-dollar products: HQWebinar, Xfunnels, MeetZippy, AppsKit.Pro, CoachZippy, and many more.

The best part is, their products always deliver real results to their users. Every product is NEW & UNIQUE in the market, so Funnelz AI is no exception!

Now, you can read my Funnelz AI review below for more details!

#3. Funnelz AI review: Key features & benefits


At the heart of Funnelz is our proprietary AI-powered logic engine that works through the bots to do all the heavy lifting for you and help you build your funnels.


Pages & Funnels build with this amazing technology load nearly instantly and are perfectly optimized for viewing on mobiles.


Our flagship, the intuitive builder makes building pages from scratch – or modifying templates – a breeze.


Compare multiple versions of the same webpage. Determine which one performs the best and maximize conversions by using it.


Visualize the flow of your sales funnel before it gets developed get detailed information on the sales process like funnel stages, landing pages, and traffic sources.


Save time & money by quickly simulating the potential profit of any sales or marketing funnel or business idea BEFORE you create landing pages, funnels or buy traffic.


Get instant and detailed insights into how your pages and funnels are performing. Optimize them quickly & easily to get the best results.


Get instant access to loads of gorgeous templates and quickly modify & publish high-converting pages & funnels.


Instantly access our done-for-you (DFY) funnel library to quickly modify & publish your next winning funnel within minutes.


No need to buy expensive, time-consuming hosting – we take care of all that for you and host all your pages and funnels for you.


Your websites and content are secured as all sites hosted by Funnelz come with SSL built-in. You don’t have to do anything – we take care also of this for you.


Connect your PayPal / Stripe with ease and collect payments right from your funnels & pages with just a few clicks.


Quickly and easily set up your online store pages and start selling products straight from within Funnelz. Selling products online can’t get easier.


Funnelz can also easily be used to sell your awesome courses with ease. Create gobsmackingly gorgeous pages/funnels for your knowledge products & start generating revenue.


Get instantly notified when someone signs up to your subscribers’ lists and watch your following grow.

Okay now, let’s scroll down and read my Funnelz AI review to see how it all works!

#4. How Funnelz AI works & FULL demos!

Funnelz is pretty easy to use:

STEP 1: Click on the type of funnel you want to build and pick a DFY template from the dashboard.

STEP 2: Choose the goal you want to achieve using the funnel, like hosting a webinar and selling products, and more.

STEP 3: Hit the option that says ‘Create Funnel’, and you are ready to go.

Funnelz AI Full Walkthrough & Demos

If you’re still confused about how to use Funnelz AI, you can watch the Funnelz AI demo video below for more details!

#5. Why should you invest in Funnelz AI?

WHY? Because Funnelz is the world’s 1st solution to help you build gorgeously awesome and mobile responsive funnels.

The vendors with their team have researched for 6 months and invested in lots of sweat and blood to present to you a remarkable solution.

It’s the only module to help you create funnels for any campaigns and start accessing huge engagements, leads, sales and profits.

Once you have Funnelz in your arsenal, you no longer have to worry about making insane money online.

Yes, it’s possible with the commercial license loaded inside this app!

Let’s see what the real user is talking about Funnelz AI!



#6. Funnelz AI review: Pros & Cons

Funnelz AI Pros:

  • AI-Tech Automatically Creates High-Converting Funnels When You Are Offline.
  • AMP-Tech Lets Your Funnel Run On Any Device Superfast.
  • Loaded With Done-For-You High-Converting Funnels.
  • All Funnels Come With Multilingual & Multiple Currency Support.
  • ECommerce Knowledge-Enabled To Help You Sell Online Courses Or Create Courses-Based Funnels.
  • Make Money Online By Offering Funnel Building Services Using Commercial License.
  • 100% Newbie Friendly & Requires 0 Tech Skills.
  • Fast-Action Bonuses Worth $12,999 FREE!
  • Step-By-Step Training Included!
  • 24X7 Customer Support Available!
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Funnelz AI Cons:

  • Once the launch ends on Feb 18th, 2022 the price will be increased.
  • At the moment, I am yet to find a downside with this. Everything about Funnelz AI is simply awesome.

#7. Funnelz AI review: OTOs, Upsells & Pricing

Funnelz AI Coupon: “mintvip” for $10 OFF!

Funnelz AI goes live on Feb 14th, 2022 @ 11am EST.

Funnelz.AI Bundle ($297 One-Time)

(Funnelz.AI Bundle is the ULTIMATE DEAL in this entire funnel!)

Instead of buying each product in the funnel individually, buyers get a product at each level of the funnel and DO NOT have to buy products in the funnels individually.

Products in the funnel:

  • Funnelz Platinum (FE),
  • Unlimited (OTO1),
  • Agency Pro (OTO2),
  • Reseller Lite (OTO3),
  • and Academy (OTO4).

In summary, my recommendation is that you purchase the Bundle offer to save a ton of money and get massive value in it.


Now, scroll down to find out more details about OTOs and Upsells!

Funnelz AI Front End: Gold & Platinum ($47-$67 One-Time)

Gold Plan ($47 One-Time)

Funnelz.AI Gold is the entry-level product for Funnelz.AI and is absolutely perfect for someone just starting out.

This one-time payment plan (Gold) comes with a funnel builder and many other features, though with certain limitations such as a number of funnels, pages, templates, etc. Perfect for someone setting on their funnel-building journey.

Platinum Plan ($67 One-Time)

The one-time payment plan (Platinum) is great for anyone starting or growing their business. It comes with a funnel builder, DFY funnels, and many features, though with certain limitations such as users/visitors.

– Features excerpt: Everything in Gold, plus…

  • AMP-powered pages (accelerated mobile pages),
  • 1 million monthly visitors,
  • Done-for-You funnels,
  • Voice-narration-enabled pages
  • Developer API
  • Custom SMTP,
  • and lots more.

IMPORTANT: Buyers will have to get the Front-End product to have activated accounts.

OTO #1: Funnelz.AI Unlimited ($197 One-Time)

– Unlimited: This level takes the limit off of everything in the Gold and/or Platinum levels. This is the perfect level for businesses taking a long-term view of using profitable funnels to grow their business.

– Features excerpt: Everything in Gold/Platinum unlimited funnels & visitors/page views, no file storage limit

Definitely recommended for businesses and advanced marketers (or those aspiring to get to the advanced level – good investment to make and grow into).

OTO #2: Funnelz.AI Agency Lite/Pro ($67-$97 One-Time)

– Agency Lite: Funnelz.AI Lite is the entry-level agency access package that provides agency-level access to its buyers. This level comes with the possibility of creating 5 accounts, which means agencies can manage their customers and create a separate account for each for 5 customers. 5 custom domains are possibly additionally in this account.

– Agency Pro: Funnelz.AI Pro is the pro-level agency access package that provides not agency-level access to its buyers but also comes with more accounts compared to the Agency Lite level. This level comes with the possibility of creating 10 accounts, which means agencies can manage their customers and create a separate account for each for 10 customers. Further, 10 custom domains are possibly additionally in this account.

Both Lite and Pro, accounts created by the agency account will be of Gold level.

OTO #3: Funnelz.AI Reseller ($97-$197 One-Time)

– Reseller Lite: Reseller Lite gives buyers the possibility to resell Funnelz accounts to their customers. This is perfect for business owners who sell software products to their customers. The Lite level allows 50 accounts to be created and resold from the reseller dashboard.

– Reseller Pro: Reseller Lite gives buyers the possibility to resell Funnelz accounts to their customers. This is perfect for business owners who sell software products to their customers. The Lite level allows 100 accounts to be created and resold from the reseller dashboard.

– Reseller Ninja: Reseller Lite gives buyers the possibility to resell Funnelz accounts to their customers. This is perfect for business owners who sell software products to their customers. The Lite level allows 50 accounts to be created and resold from the reseller dashboard.

All accounts created using a reseller account can be of either Gold, Platinum or Unlimited level. The level of each account created can be controlled in the Reseller Dashboard that comes with this account.

OTO #4: Funnelz.AI Academy ($197 One-Time)

– Academy: Funnelz.AI Exclusive Academy – VIP Access gives you access to the special training created by us. It shows you step by step how you can use Funnelz.AI to create your own 6 to 7 figure Software and Digital products business.

Okay so, keep reading my Funnelz AI review to see who Funnelz AI is suitable for!

#8. Who is Funnelz AI suitable for?

Funnelz works for any niche on earth:

  • Digital product creators.
  • Coaches and training institutes.
  • Health experts.
  • Marketing professionals and agencies.
  • Content creators.
  • Lead generation professionals.
  • Local biz owners.
  • MMO seekers.
  • Affiliate marketers.
  • Consultants.

#9. Funnelz AI review: FAQs

What Is Funnelz?

Funnelz is a one-of-its-kind AI-powered app that lets you create funnels and pages for any marketing goals and any niche in just a few minutes. It also gives you funnel success projection before you drive traffic to your pages.

Do I Have To Download Or Install It?

No, the app is cloud-hosted and requires no installs or downloads.

Do I Need To Have Prior Tech Skills To Use This Tool?

Nope, this tool is newbie compatible, and everyone can use it. It comes with step-by-step training material as well as DFY templates and funnels, which makes it even easier to build a funnel/ landing page without any tech skills.

What If I Don’t Like This Software?

You can ask for a refund and get your money back within 30 days of your order.

Will I Get 24X7 Support In Case Of Issues?

Yes, you will have exclusive access to round-the-clock customer support to resolve your queries instantly.

#10. Funnelz AI review: Final verdict

With the information I have provided in this Funnelz AI review, I hope you now know all the benefits that Funnelz AI can give you. If you are searching to build gorgeously awesome and mobile responsive funnels, then give it a try.

And don’t forget that you also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so your purchase is 100% risk-free!

Thanks for reading my Funnelz AI review, just leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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